ADOPTION IS FREE. It would be a privilege to help these rescued animals feel love. Adoption does not require a fee; only a valid identification card. Help give love and affection to these beautiful dogs with multiple personalities by turning them into playful pets for free!

Here are descriptions and backstories of some of these wonderful dogs.

Nano is from Taytay pound. One of the seventeen dogs that was rescued. A stray that was scheduled to be put down for mercy killing but now lives. Yawns and is very droopy. Introverted dog. Shy.

Elvis is 9 years old. He was a stray when they took him in the dog pound in Taytay, and he still looked weak. When they cured him, he eventually got better and turned into the sweet caring dog he is now.

Pathea was rescued with a broken leg as a puppy at 2 months in Commonwealth, Quezon City. She likes to run around.

When Cloretez was rescued, she had no hair and she had a lot of wounds. She is a very kind dog, and likes to chill. Born in the streets.

Botchi is very serious. Poker face. Very still. Never smiles.

Whitey is from Pasay City. Was a stray before. Was thin before. One of the many white dogs.

Tisay is from Pasig. He was a stray since he was a puppy. Color blind. Sweet and loving.

Sakura is 8 years old. She was surrendered by the former owner when she was just a puppy. A big, playful dog.

Patheo is a stray that came from Patirose, Taguig.

Paula came from a deep well. She was very emaciated when she was gotten.

Akira just gave birth to loving pups.

Trixie is very loving and likes to play around. A lot want to adapt her. She’s easy to train.

Charisma was rescued as a pregnant baby one Christmas Eve. She is from Cubao. Only one puppy survived.

Victor was rescued on New Year’s Day. He is from Taguig. He was found as a hit and run baby and still has a leg that does not work until now. Very shy.

Sean was rescued from Tamarin, Caloocan. Kind.

Goliath was rescued as a puppy back in 2016. Always chill and friendly to others.

Whitney is well behaved, cheerful and hyper. She was rescued from Paranaque.

Joy is from Binangonan. She likes playing around with other dogs and moving a lot.

Pia, one of the fourteen dogs that was recently gotten from Makati, has a well balanced personality.

Merville is brave and bold. She was rescued a year ago on a Black Saturday. She has five puppies.

Powder is from Makati. She is one of the recently rescued fourteen dogs. Very demure, and her first puppy died.

Mira was rescued as a puppy in late 2016. She is from Quezon City, and she is very serious.

China was rescued from a squatter in Chinabank, hence the name. Feisty. Neutered. Slouches a lot.

Sharpil is a senior dog who is excitable and scared of cats.

Carol was gotten from Pampanga. She was given supplements to nourish herself after she got rescued. She is scared of lights.

Casey has a lovely personality.

Bronze was named for his fur color.

Blackjack is stern and brooding, but lovable in his own way.

Each of the other twenty-five dogs as well, whether they are shy puppies or big, playful dogs that want to be in the spotlight, have their own stories and a chance to be recognized and loved as man’s best friend.

Be able to adopt a dog now and help them!


Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Live



  1. You have a purpose. You were born in this world not just to exist. You have a purpose. You are meant to be remembered for something. You are meant to make a dent in this world. Imagine the significant contributions you can give to the world. You can be the next Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham or Benigno Aquino. There is always someone who is counting on you.
  2. You are valuable. You matter. Your life matters. The things people do to you do not determine your worth. The people who’ve had a negative impact on your life are not worth holding on to.
  3. Somebody cares. The saying ‘nobody cares’ is. Fully. 100%. A. Lie. Your life has an impact on other people. Always. Imagine how much pain they will have to go through once they realize you’re gone for good. It will change their perspective on life and death forever. Someone definitely cares for you.
  4. Things will get better. Hardships are temporary. It will pass. The hardships we all face are temporary. There will always be a new day after each dark night and there will always be dancing after each mourning.
  5. Character is forged during difficult times. They teach us persistence and resilience. Tough times happen for a reason. Our painful experiences give us a bigger capacity to love and to empathize with others. Unpleasant situations are inevitable, whether we do good or not.
  6. You are not alone. You are not the only one experiencing these terrible situations. You may think a person has his or her life all figured out, but maybe that’s not how he or she is in reality. And with that, we can learn and find comfort in journeying with people and friends who are going through the same things. One of the names of God is ‘’Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.”
  7. Victory is possible. You can be healed and restored. The voices in your head can be gone for good. The battle to silence these negative voices can be won. The voices of doubt and fear, telling you your life is worthless and filling your head with worries and lies—those voices can be gone. Completely. And those lies can be replaced with the truth.
  8. Joy is available. You can be joyful even in the midst of difficulties. Being joyful is different from being happy, because being happy is circumstantial. We can’t be happy all the time, but we can be joyful in every circumstance. We can see the positive in each negative thing.
  9. You are accepted. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Just because people are going through struggles worse than yours does not mean your feelings are not valid. Your feelings are just as valid as someone who went through something traumatic. And if you actually did go through something traumatic, there will always be hope at the end of that bleak situation. There will be no need to compare a certain situation to another. Each situation is different and requires different solutions. So, having said that, we all have the right to open up, no matter what background we came from. It is okay to not be okay.
  10. Life is an adventure. There is so much more in life for you to explore and experience. So many opportunities to grow, situations to enjoy, challenges to learn from, and milestones to remember. Once you’re gone, you’re gone. You won’t ever see your parents grow old, or get to have your own children, or get to pursue the career you want.
  11. You are unique. No matter what happens, your identity stays the same. The One who made you says, “You are accepted and approved.” No one is expecting you to be perfect. In times like these, don’t be afraid to open up your feelings. No one will ever put you down just because you are feeling down. Your circumstances won’t ever define who you are.
  12. You are loved. You are actually the object of God’s affection. The apple of His eye. His treasured possession. You are worth dying for. You’re not a burden to anyone.
  13. Someone died for you. In His mercy, He couldn’t bear for you to be separated from Him forever. He made a way and gave His Son for you to be reconciled with Him so that you could enjoy fullness of life through Him.



John 10:10 (NIV)

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry.


Sorry for what?

Sorry if there are times I do not prioritize you. Sorry if at times, I fail to do the right thing. I am sorry for not seeing things the way you do. Sorry if at times I cannot help but be afraid. Sorry for my propensity to prove something.  Sorry for trying so hard to look normal and perfect when everything else on the inside is wrong.  Sorry if there are times  I focus on my flaws, on what I cannot do, on what I am not, my limitations and my problems. Sorry for hurting people. Sorry for making excuses. Sorry for not listening. Sorry for talking too much. Sorry for being self absorbed. Sorry for not speaking up. Sorry for not being cool and composed all the time.  Sorry for letting you down.

Sorry for being a fallen human.

Sorry for being sorry.

You are forgiven. 



But wait. I feel like I should apologize more. I feel like I should do something to earn more of your love. I feel like I need to be this certain person and reach this certain standard for your acceptance. Wait. Don’t look at me. I’m struggling. I don’t want you to see this ugly and pathetic part of me. I don’t want you to see me so vulnerable. Look at me when it’s over. I’m ashamed. I don’t deserve anything from you…

There is no part of you that I do not love.  I accept everything about you.

The area that you don’t want anyone to see. The negative things kept inside your heart. The things you think are the most ugly. I didn’t love you because you were the most confident person in the room. Not because you knew how to carry yourself in front of everyone. Even before you knew how to do those things, when you were crying in your room and wondering why there’s so much emptiness and insecurity in your heart, I have always loved you.

And I still do. No matter how many mistakes and failures you think you make. Even in the times that don’t seem so bright, I love you. I will always be there to help you and make you see your worth.

You are forgiven. Period.

Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

The Right Thing

The right ➡️ thing

What exactly is the right thing?

Is it following our hearts? Is it doing whatever feels right? Is it expressing ourselves? How in the world are we supposed to know the direction on what the right thing is?


Go to church. That’s the right thing. Be a good person. That’s the right thing. Do your homework. That’s the right thing. Don’t go out late. Be on time. Sleep early. Don’t party. That’s the right thing.

But no matter what, we always get the urge to stray from doing the right thing, because we want to do whatever we want. Our hearts want to rebel. To cross the line of good and bad. Because whatever feels right is right in our eyes.

But…it’s in our eyes.

Because we live in a world filled with chaos and mess, we all have been broken. And empty. So we live with eyes that are bound to see only what we want, feet that go only to places that we want, and emotions that only feel what we want to feel. And if that doesn’t work out, we completely lose sight of everything and lose ourselves in the process as well.

Drink. Cut. Rebel. We know this is not the right thing. But it feels right at the moment. So we put up a facade. And we become very good at making it seem like we’re doing the right thing.

And that seems like everyone’s mantra: “I am my own boss. I have my own world. I have my own choice.” As long as no one sees the monster of emptiness inside us, we continue the lifestyle of hiding, putting on masks, and running. Running from everything. From the eyes of people who, in our eyes, are out to judge us. And no one is exempted from that.

But no matter who we are, no matter who we think we are, no one has the right to judge us. There is no place for, ‘this person is better than me because this person goes to church and does his/her homework’ or ‘this person is worse than me because they sell drugs and drink all night’. No.

Everyone, as in everyone, is on the same boat. As humans, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has their ups and downs. YET no matter what,  the only One who has the right to judge, still loves and accepts everyone. There will be no ranking on who’s doing the right thing the most. No ranking on our performance. So…

No more hiding.

No more facade.

Because we are loved. We are accepted. We have already been approved.

No more striving. Nothing to prove. No one to impress.

We’re still humans. We’re not perfect. But once we have fully experienced indescribable love, then our perspective changes on what the right thing really is.

It is to give love and compassion to other people who haven’t received it. To care more. To be open more.

Doing the right thing is not a boring external ritual, but flows out of an encounter we want people to know about. A kind of love that we want others to experience too, so that the monsters and emptiness inside them will turn into something meaningful and full of light.



And that is the right thing.






Am I Fooling Myself?

So…I have something to tell you guys.

I’m actually moving to another country, and I’m not going to be able to see you guys again.

Happy April fools!


This day is fun because we can make the most out of senseless pranking. We can come up with the most ridiculous, shocking statements for people to believe us, and they will think that it is the truth, until we all go “just kidding, it’s just a prank, happy April fools!”

But have you noticed, unconsciously, whenever people ask us questions, do we really tell the truth? Or do we just come up with our very own April fools statement?

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m totally fine!”

April fools!

“I’m super stressed with the thought of life, in general. I’m so done.”

“How are your relationships with other people?”


April fools!

“I don’t know if I’m communicating with them enough.”

“How’s school? What’s your plan in the future?”

“It’s going well! I’m sure I know my plans!”

April fools!

“I literally don’t know.”

“How’s everything at home?”

“We’re one happy family!”

April fools!

“Everything’s a mess at home.”

It all comes back to one big heart check. And that heart check deals with one of the toughest questions that requires the truth out of you: is what you said really genuine? Or is it just a cover up?

If it is a cover up, then it would be wise to bring it out in the open. You can talk to someone who can help. Exposing the heart may be challenging, but in doing so, the condition of our hearts will be healthier. The same goes with showing a physical wound or being honest with the pain to the doctor so that it can be treated. And this is why having a heart check is so important. Because letting the truth out in the light is like a weight off your shoulders instead of leaving it in the dark and being in denial about it.


Let us continue to trust God in the process. Yes, the truth hurts, but at least we won’t be fooling ourselves and pretend to portray an image that we want other people to think we are.

At the end of the day, what matters is leaving the audience of everyone for the audience of the One who knows us best. And that won’t leave room for trying to fool people anymore.

It will only leave room for us to be real.

To be ourselves.

Psalm 51:6 (MSG) (AMP)
“What you’re after is truth
  from the inside out,
  and in the hidden part (of my heart)
  You will make me know wisdom.”

Coming of Age

I used to measure things according to a set of standards.

I used to put things inside a certain box.

‘By this age I will be able to do this.’

‘By this age I should already know how to live in my own apartment, get a dog, have 1000000000 friends, succeed in my career, be known worldwide, have 100000 more disciples, and get married.’

And if ever things don’t go my way, I panic, overthink and get extremely anxious.

I wonder if I’m mature enough, responsible enough to take the next step and be an adult. I wonder if I’m as good as any of my other friends. I wonder If God’s purpose for me still stands. All because I’m so busy comparing my behind the scenes to everyone’s highlights. Thoughts run in my head, and sometimes I don’t realize how worried I am until my head starts throbbing until I kind of just want to scream, ‘enough’! My thoughts would keep going on and on and on, like multiple jump scares that never end. I wish I had a button to turn off the thoughts.



It’s so repetitive, that I’m almost clutching my head until…

God tells me to stop.

Not in the booming loud way like a boss would yell at his subordinate if they do things wrong, but in a calming, soothing, still voice.

‘Daughter. Stop.’

The thoughts shut down once I realign my focus. Once I ask God to help me. And through that, I cease to follow my heart. Instead, I follow His heart.

And once I navigate my way through His heart for me, I begin to look back and see how far I’ve come now.

Everything, each thing I had been praying for at that time, God took care of. He walked by my side. He gave me what I asked.

Then I realized His heart isn’t just about giving us what we want or what we need.

His heart does want to bless us, yes. Because we’re His children! Because He loves us more than anything else in this world.

But His heart for us is so much more than that. He wants His heart and our hearts to align together. He wants us to see what He sees. And yes, He can and He will give us multiple blessings and bonuses. Once we walk in His purpose for our lives, He will be there every step of the way, cheering us on because He wants the best for us.

In the end, though, when we’re back in our rooms after a long day full of joy and laughter, when the feelings fade away, we can be back to feeling what His heart feels.

And that is His heart for people.

The heart to help others. The heart to understand the pain they’re going through. The heart to be there for them. The heart to win them over.

The heart that rejoices not just because we have received many blessings, but because we have shared our blessings with people who want to experience what true joy and what true love really is.

So the standards I used to measure, the boxes and walls I’ve built, and the goals I’ve set to achieve at certain stages of my life, has turned into a ‘So what?’

‘So what if by this certain age I’m not the person I expected myself to be? The point of my life anyway is to continue to follow His heart. Of course I will have a bucket list full of stuff I want to complete by a certain age. But if I keep panicking, what’s the point? In the end, it won’t matter. The blessings will come as long as my eyes aren’t set on the blessings for myself, but on the blessings I can share to others.’

All the other things will come in due time.

He has always fulfilled every promise He has for me and has given me even more than what I asked for.

So now, I will fix my focus on what really matters.

And that is setting my eyes not on things that will benefit me, but on things that will benefit others.


Colossians 3:1

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.


Know Where To Look.

A driver can’t drive properly if he or she is always looking at other car lanes.

‘Look at how shiny the other car is. That other person is probably a better driver than I am. That car is probably worth more than my entire house. I wish I had a car like that. I wish I could drive like that.’

A swerve, a slamming of the brakes, and a crash.

All because the driver was looking at the wrong things.



And it’s funny, isn’t it? Because sometimes, in life, it’s applicable to us. We always look at other people and their journeys, instead of what we have and looking at where we are supposed to go.

Instead of focusing on our lanes, we tend to focus on other people’s lanes.

But what good will that do?

It can only lead to the dangerous road of endless comparison and envy. Worse, we will miss the road signs that could lead us to the “perfect” destination for us at the end of the journey. This could lead us to lose our will to drive, and the joy of our journey.  Either that, or we crash and burn. We get into an accident because we are not focused on our own lanes. The end result could be tragic.

So how do we stop looking at the wrong things and start focusing on our own lanes?

It’s not easy when you’re driving an owner jeepney while the cars in the different lanes around you are full of Ford Mustangs and Lamborghinis.

But it becomes easier once you listen to the voice on Waze that tells you to stay in your lane because you’re headed in the right direction.



When we are focused on the right things, we won’t even worry about the pressure to do what we’re supposed to do. We do what we’re supposed to do because we enjoy it, not because we’re trying to keep up with the people on the other lanes. We do what we’re supposed to do because we want to help other people, not to gain attention. We do what we’re supposed to do to inspire and to make a positive impact, not to compete with others’ achievements.

So let’s fix our eyes on the path prepared for us, and let’s have fun along the journey.

Because not everyone reaches the same destination at exactly the same time. And that’s totally fine. It shouldn’t define us at all.

Again, know where to look. Because if our eyes are set on our own lanes, then we will get to the proper destination because we see the right signs and we hear the right voice.
And that is exactly what we should be doing.


Hebrews 12:1-2

..And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith..


What Is So Bad About Friend Zone?

Friend – A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.


“We’re just friends.”

Most of the time, we hear statements such as that with sadness. Or bitterness. A lot of times, I have witnessed friendships with guys and girls being tested because one started to get feelings for another. And when the other person didn’t reciprocate those feelings, the person with those feelings would end up doing a lot of things that they would regret. 

And I would be 50/50 on whose side to lean on. I would feel bad for the person who got rejected, because siyempre ang sakit, but I also would feel bad for the person they end up hurting because technically, they didn’t do anything. They just had free will, and it wasn’t their responsibility to like the person back, anyways.

So it would always just be me going back and forth the line of whose side I should pick. I would always think that if ever I were stuck in a situation where I would be in the friend zone, I would just avoid, and hide from the person until the feelings faded away. See? Happy ending. But what if that plan backfires because the feelings stay for months, or even years?

And what if I actually enjoyed a meaningful friendship with a guy friend, and all of a sudden he started hiding from me and avoiding me? That wouldn’t be fair and I’d be wondering what happened or what I did wrong. It would be like planning something good, like an out of town trip, yet it not working out for reasons unknown, and that would suck.

So what is the solution, then? What if both of them end up getting hurt? Do you just keep avoiding that person since you’re not going to end up marrying him/her anyway? So, what’s the point of keeping the friendship?

But that is where the thought goes wrong. 

Friendship is actually more important than you think. Guys and girls usually are meant to be friends first before getting into a relationship. Imagine dating someone you didn’t even get to enjoy or spend time with. 

But wait.

What if you and the person you are attracted to now are actually meant to be just friends? 

What then? 

Here’s the answer: love.




“Pero bakit ganun? I love this person and they don’t love me back. Ang sakit sakit na. Hindi ko kaya talaga yung one-sided love.”


Just like you love your best friend even if they do things that accidentally hurt you, like you love your parents and siblings even when they’re not on their best days, choose to love.

Always remember that the person you like is human too. And trust God to whoever He is leading you to. If the person you like is constantly initiating the friendship, then don’t be afraid. Just like in every friendship, the path down that road doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing. But know that God has someone planned for you in His perfect time, and be secure in the fact that He is holding your heart.

Feelings are scary, yes, but it’s how we react to those feelings that determine our character. Let us treasure, and be grateful for, whatever we have right now, even if “just friends” is the status of the relationship.

Because “just friends” is actually something to be cherished. It is nice to have someone that will always support you, always encourage you, always make time for you, find ways to make you laugh, go to places with you, achieve things with you, do the things both of you like and make sure you’re never left behind. Friendships like these are not meant to be cut off, to be avoided, to be manipulated, to put malice in, or to run away from. They are meant to be tested, and that requires courage. But in the end, it will be worth it to look back and experience what you guys have gone through. That you have both made it and were in to keep the friendship, not to throw it away because of the fear of getting hurt.

And that’s the beauty of it all. 

So yes, there will come a time when you will find the person who you are meant to be with. And that will be something truly beautiful. 

But as of now, even if friends kayo, even close friends na sobrang extreme like a brother and sister level, that’s still perfectly fine. Let us not forget how meaningful friendships are, and yes, not all guy and girl friendships are meant to be romantic, no matter how impossible that sounds. Just trust and surrender those feelings to the ONE who created love in the first place.


Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.